Asda Contact Number: 0800 952 6060

Contact the Asda customer service team for free by dialling their UK freephone number 0800 952 6060 to make a groceries order, to rearrange a home delivery and for technical support when using their online shopping website.

Customer services – 0800 952 6060

Give Asda customer services a call by dialling their telephone contact number 0800 952 6060 for free to complain about groceries which you purchased from them. Furthermore if you would like technical support for a problem when paying for an order on their online shopping service you can call this number to confirm that your food has been paid for. Once you have made an order you can call this freephone helpline to change the delivery slot you have booked if the original time is no longer convenient for you. However if you would prefer to shop in store you can call this helpline to locate your nearest supermarket and to find out their opening times to avoid a wasted journey.

Asda Mobile – 0800 079 2732

Phone Asda Mobile for free by calling their freephone contact number 0800 079 2732 to buy a new phone, to upgrade to the newest handset and to change your type of contract. For example Asda offer a range of pay as you go deals for flexibility as well as pay monthly contracts with added incentives. You should also call this number to get your mobile phone repaired or replaced if there is a technical fault, however you may have to pay a fee if your handset is not under warranty at the time.

Asda Money – 0371 704 3369

Like many modern supermarkets Asda offer a range of financial products for their customers, therefore to enquire about their range of credit cards you should call the Asda Money phone number 0371 704 3369 to apply for a credit card and to confirm the rates of annual interest which you will have to pay when borrowing money from them. You can also phone this number if you have a car, home or travel insurance policy with Asda in case you need to make a claim following an accident.

Bmes Park contact numbers for Asda

Asda division Telephone number
Asda customer services 0800 952 6060
George at Asda 0800 952 3003
Asda Opticians 0800 479 8716
Asda Mobile 0800 079 2732
Photos and personalised cards 0800 479 8713
Gift card enquiries 0800 952 0101
Tyre queries 0800 9520 395
Asda travel money 0800 188 4002
Asda Credit Card 0371 704 3369
Travel insurance 0800 138 2373
Asda car insurance 0333 222 4544
Home insurance 0845 504 5232 (7p/minute + network access charge)
Van insurance 0333 222 1052
Bike insurance 0844 409 7184 (7p/minute + network access charge)
Asda caravan cover 0844 409 8472 (7p/minute + network access charge)
Life insurance 0800 202 8104
Motorhome insurance 0844 409 8870 (7p/minute + network access charge)
Insure your pet with Asda 0844 800 5407 (7p/minute + network access charge)