eBay Contact Number: 0345 355 3229

Call eBay on their UK customer service contact number 0345 355 3229 to reset the login details of your account, to report a the misconduct of a seller, or to request technical support if faced with a problem on the mobile phone app.


Customer Service Number – 0345 355 3229

You should phone the eBay customer service contact number 0345 355 3229 to register an official dispute following your dealings with a seller on the site, for instance if you have purchased an item that has not arrived or has been wrongfully advertised. An eBay advisor will also be able to inform unhappy buyers whether they are able to register a formal dispute. Moreover, you can use this number to monitor the progress of an ongoing dispute if you have been unable to resolve the situation with the seller.

You can also contact eBay on their customer service contact number 0345 355 3229 if you have accidentally bid for an unwanted item or would like to cancel a winning bid without affecting your feedback rating. Alternatively, you should get in touch if you would like to begin selling on eBay and would like to learn more about the fees taken by every successful listing. An eBay customer service advisor will also detail how to pair your account with PayPal so that you can use the secure online payment portal for your transactions. Moreover, eBay will be able to suggest the amount of postage and packaging you should charge depending on the dimensions and weight of your listing. Finally, eBay can provide technical support for users who have been unable to post an item on either the mobile app or on full version of the site.


Refund Enquiries – 0800 358 6551

You should call eBay on their freephone refunds number 0800 358 6551 to ask how to receive a refund on an item when one has not been provided by the seller. For instance, if you have made an online dispute following a fraudulent sale, eBay will be able to detail the best way to receive compensation. Alternatively, you can use this number to ask to refund your buyer via PayPal if they have expressed a desire to return the sold listing.


Cost of Calling the Company

The eBay customer service department uses a local rate contact number meaning that you will be charged the per-minute rate of any geographic call made from a UK landline or mobile phone. However, as the refunds department uses a freephone number, all calls to the department will be always free of charge.


Write to Ebay

You can also send photographic evidence of an item that you have received but does not match its online description through the post. If you therefore wish to provide evidence to support a refund claim, you should direct your correspondence to the postal address of eBay’s UK customer service team as follows: eBay Customer Service, P.O. Box 9473, Dublin 15, Ireland, United Kingdom.